• Yoga For Preschool Children? The Benefits Are Undeniable

    young preschool girl doing yoga

    As a society, we’ve never been busier. And we’ve never been more plugged into electronic devices either. We’re all going every which way at 100 miles per hour, and we’re beginning to feel the stress of it all. Children aren’t immune to the effects of our higher-stressed lives either. We all need to find ways to slow down, relax, and breathe – young children included.

    Many of us enjoy yoga, but this simple exercise that can be done anywhere can also be a powerful, impactful tool for preschool children. Preschool children benefit from yoga in a variety of ways including the following.

    Body and Breath Awareness

    Yoga taps into the power of breathing, which allows children to connect more to how their bodies feel. Just imagine how empowering this is to a child who is at an age that’s prone to meltdowns and frustrations. Giving your child the ability to understand what his or her body is communicating is powerful. Some techniques bring about relaxation, while others provide energy for kids. As the lung capacity of children increases, their stress levels go down and their ability to focus increases.


    When done right, yoga can increase strength in children in powerful ways. The many poses of yoga challenge muscle groups in ways kids can’t experience through everyday activities. Yoga can even improve digestion, create a healthier core, build stronger joints, and even increase coordination.

    The poses of yoga stretch muscles as well, providing more flexibility throughout the body. This also contributes to joint strengthening.

    Increased Focus

    Most young children struggle with sustaining prolonged focus, and some children even have neurological or developmental delays that make focusing especially difficult. The deep breathing and movement involved in yoga creates an awareness in the body, as well as a strong connection between hearing, seeing, and doing. Children are encouraged to clear their minds and focus on their efforts. This develops a focus and quiet strength, which can even improve your child’s confidence. And the increased focus can carry into other areas of your child’s life like friendships and home.

    Greater Balance

    The balancing poses of yoga can be challenging, but as children try them and improve, they not only increase their physical balance, they increase their mental balance as well. Children are encouraged to keep trying, even when they drop a pose, and this is a holistic way to improve mental and physical balance in your child.


    Yoga is very calming, even for preschool children. Children can relax as they move through poses, sit and think of a favorite book, or even during a low-impact game. And in this high-stress world, young children deserve to be taught how to relax and calm their minds and bodies.

    When you think of how frustrated your child gets when things aren’t going his or her way, you can see how effective the ability to relax can be. Learning breathing techniques in yoga can help children apply those techniques to other challenges in their lives.

    Greater Self-Confidence

    As a non-competitive sport, yoga allows each child to do their best without comparison to others. It also emphasizes self-love and acceptance. Not only that, but kids learn to be persistent, as well as patient with themselves. Mastering a difficult pose can boost a child’s confidence in astounding ways.

    At Little Academy of Humble, we offer calming, strengthening, and confidence building yoga classes in our preschool programs to all students who are 2 and older. To learn more, please give us a call at (281) 459-3378 or contact us online.

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