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    tadpoles - revolutionizing child care

    When it comes to quality child care, most people only consider the relationship between the child and the child care provider. At Little Academy of Humble, however, we believe there is another critical person in the equation, and that person is the parent or other legal guardian of the child.

    We believe maintaining consistent, open communication with our parents or legal guardian is critical to the proper growth and development of our children. We want our parents to be aware of the daily activities at our school and how their child is doing. When parents and child care providers don’t communicate with each other in an effective manner, it is difficult to develop the trusting and respectful relationships needed to create the best overall environment for your child to learn and grow.

    To keep the most open and consistent communication with our parents, Little Academy of Humble has implemented the Tadpoles program at our school. Below is a look at just some of the many great benefits the Tadpoles program offers.

    Benefits of the Tadpoles System

    • Our daily reports will keep you well informed of the daily activities and learning experiences your child has throughout the day.
    • You can view your child’s curriculum each day on their daily report.
    • You receive records of the naps and meals your child has.
    • You receive photos, videos, notes, and important reminders via email.
    • You can download or share photos and videos of your child as well as view your child’s portfolio online.
    • You can view classroom visitations.
    • You can easily mark your child as sick or on vacation.
    • You will quickly receive any emergency alerts or announcements from Little Academy via text message and email.
    • Your child’s emergency contacts and medical information including food allergies and medications will be at the teacher’s fingertips.

    To learn more about the Tadpoles program, please visit http://www.tadpoles.com/.

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