• How to Prepare You and Your Child for Little Academy

    preschool teacher with boys

    We welcome each family to Little Academy with open arms and understand the transition is not easy for family members. Here are a few tips that can make the transition easier.

    Tip 1: Talk About It

    Talk to your child about the new school. Mention his/her teacher’s name, what to expect, and explain how you will drop your child off and pick him/her up. The more details the child has, the less anxiety he/she will experience. Just talk to your child. The more you talk, the easier the transition.

    Tip 2: Make a Routine

    Children respond better to a set routine. Try to stick to a schedule. Get to Little Academy before 9:30 A.M and try to pick up your child at the same time each day. Your child’s classroom schedule is posted on the outside of each classroom.

    Tip 3: Support and Trust

    We understand it is easier to trust us with your child when you know us. Please feel free to get to know all of our staff and do not hesitate to ask questions. Introduce yourself and get to know our entire team.

    Tip 4: Be Prepared

    Prepare yourself and your family. We are ready for your questions. The most common question received during tours is about discipline. The goal is for Little Academy and parents to have a partnership regarding discipline. We want children to be able to communicate using their words and to use keywords such as “be gentle” in the home and classroom environments.

    We understand enrolling your child at Little Academy of Humble is the beginning of a journey. This is where your child will learn the basics which he/she will continue to build on for the rest of his/her life. Little Academy is committed to ensure your child is provided the best learning foundation for his/her future success.

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