• A Look at The Many Great Benefits of DayCare

    children at a local daycare playing with toys

    Are you trying to decide whether or not to send your child to a local daycare? You might be surprised to learn about all the great benefits that daycare offers children.

    A good quality daycare is a great environment for a child to be in. If you’ve been worried about daycare for your child, you can now stop worrying. Not only is daycare essential for many families, but it provides many benefits for both the parents and children who use them.

    Smooth Transition to School From Daycare

    While we spend our lifetimes honing critical life skills, children who attend a safe, secure, and nurturing daycare have the advantage in that they begin learning those skills earlier.

    The structure and environment of daycare for children sets a child up for a smooth transition to school. Children get used to routines, rules, and getting along with other children at their local daycare. They know how to listen to teachers. They’ve had practice sitting still, learning skills, and taking turns. When a day care uses developmentally appropriate curriculum, your child gets the benefit of learning at his or her age level and abilities. This gives children confidence when entering a school setting because they already know they can learn.

    In addition, day care children likely won’t experience the same anxiety upon transitioning into kindergarten because they will be confident in their ability to navigate a school day on their own.

    Greater Structure at Daycare

    A quality local daycare is run on structure. Activities and events follow a similar routine every day. Free play, lesson, activity, craft, snack, nap, etc. It all takes place in the same order everyday so children always know what to expect. This provides a huge level of security for children and gives them the room they need to be themselves. When children are confident, they can grow, develop, and learn in big ways.

    Less Risk of Depression

    A new study found that day care may even be good for your child’s mental health. The study showed that children of mothers with symptoms of depression had fewer emotional problems if they attended a local daycare. They were also less likely to show separation anxiety symptoms.

    Daycare Offers Opportunities for Growth

    A good day care will have a structured program that provides opportunities for children to learn many new things. This includes classroom skills, social skills, and details about the world. The right daycare for children provides stimulating activities that encourage intellectual and social growth. It’s staffed by caring teachers who understand how to kindly and effectively handle behavior problems. Children need affection, encouragement, rules, structure, and more — and a good day care can provide all this in many different ways.

    Daycare Provides Social Opportunities

    Children in daycare settings receive plenty of opportunity for navigating social situations. From learning to share toys to learning to respect one another’s space to learning self-control, kids who attend day care are exposed to many social situations that give them crucial skills. In addition, when kids get to spend time around other kids of the same age, they pick up on critical social nuances they might otherwise miss. This helps them develop more social confidence and capabilities at an earlier age.

    Children Develop Greater Communication Skills

    At a local daycare, your child will have to communicate with both adults and children. Some children will have better communication skills than others, but all will benefit from each other. Your child will learn better how to express her needs without throwing tantrums, how to express hurt, how to use manners, and more.

    Daycare Children Learn to Respect Adult

    Day care for children brings more adults into a child’s life. This gives children the opportunity to learn how to respect authority figures, while still getting their needs met. Children will be exposed to appropriate discipline methods that will help them understand how the world works and how to behave.

    Lack of Boredom

    While it’s true that a little boredom never hurt anyone, a good stimulating daycare curriculum during crucial developmental years is very beneficial to children. Children at a good local day care are rarely bored. There is simply too much to do. From friends to activities to crafts and more, kids who go to day care are exposed to a variety of activities on a daily basis. This is beneficial for their imagination, and it also allows children to experience materials and activities they maybe wouldn’t otherwise.

    Children learn best when they’re enjoying what they’re doing. A good local daycare provides the tools and materials for that kind of learning. It’s easier to learn an important concept over block building than through lectures, and day care is specifically set up to provide these opportunities in a variety of ways.

    Daycare Can Benefit a Child’s Health

    When children are around other children at a young age, they’re exposed to many illnesses earlier. While this may not seem like a positive thing, it actually helps to build their immune systems. This means your child will likely not succumb to as many sicknesses in elementary school.

    More Security for Parents

    Sending your child to a structured day care means you can rely on the hours of availability. If one staff member is sick, there are still others to fill in so that the day care can remain open. You don’t have to worry about last minute cancellations in your childcare. You can have peace of mind at work, knowing your child is well cared for.

    Great Parent Support

    When your child attends day care, you have the opportunity to get to know other parents in similar situations who are raising children the same age as yours. This builds and expands your support community, and provides you with a good group of people who get what you’re going through. You can develop lasting friendships with people who will understand your stage of life and provide advice and support.

    Daycare Offers Peace of Mind

    Leaving your child is never easy. Nobody loves your child as much as you, but when you choose a quality, safe, nurturing daycare for children, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is in the best hands possible. Good day care providers will love and care for your child and will want the best for him or her. Not only that, but day care staff are trained to handle a variety of situations while maintaining a safe environment. You can actually focus on your work and trust your child is well cared for at your local daycare.

    Little Academy of Humble, TX is a quality daycare that provides a variety of nurturing day care and preschool programs for children, from infants to elementary school ages. Give us a call today at (281) 459-3378 or request more information about daycare and preschool enrollment online.

  • 10 Replies to “A Look at The Many Great Benefits of DayCare”

    1. A daycare that will help you know your child is in the best hands possible would be useful. Care providers that you trust could help you avoid unnecessary stress and worry. When looking into different daycare centers you’d probably want to go to it and meet the staff with your child so that you can find one that both you and they will enjoy.

    2. My wife and I are debating if we should put our kid in daycare or not during work. I like that you talk about the social interactions that take place between kids in daycare and how it teaches things like self-control and personal space. Our son isn’t going to learn that sort of thing at home or with his grandparents so we’ll have to look into this more. Thanks for sharing.

    3. A friend of mine has gotten pretty busy recently and is considering taking his children to a daycare center while he works. I like how you mentioned that daycare exposes the children to more adults that can help them respect authority figures and how the world works around them. My friend has been trying to teach his child the meaning of respect so maybe if he were to sign him up for daycare, it could potentially be beneficial for him.

    4. I like that you talk about how keeping kids busy at day care helps them develop their imaginations. My son is four years old and he has a really hard time not getting bored during the day when he’s home with me. Maybe if I take him to a daycare service, he will be less bored and more imaginative.

    5. My husband and I are considering signing our daughter up for an early learning center so she can get used to being away from her parents for a little while before her actual school starts in a year. Thanks for your comment about how children have the advantage of learning how to follow rules and control their behavior. I like how you said that they can learn to be social with the other kids and teachers as well.

    6. It’s interesting how you said that kids who go to a daycare tend to build up stronger immune systems. Kids should definitely have a good experience interacting with lots of people instead of just with their parents. I think that sending them to a daycare school of some kind would be a great way to do that because it would force them to interact with other kids and adults and expose them to those things that would help them develop a healthy resistance to common viruses and bacteria.

    7. My wife and I are thinking about putting our son in daycare, but we still aren’t sure about the idea. I do like that you mention how children in a daycare setting learn to socialist and respect each other’s space. Learning this now would definitely help prepare him for real school in the future, so we might need to think more about doing this.

    8. It was quite interesting how you explained that one of the benefits of leaving a kid at a child care center was that it exposes them to many illnesses which in turn strengthen their immune systems. It’s a way of preparing them for the bigger responsibility of grade school.I guess it’s a good idea to suggest to my brother to leave his young daughter at a child care center now. She’s a sensitive little girl, so It might help make her stronger. Thanks for the advice. I hope my brother will agree.

    9. What got my attention the most was how you said that a good childcare program has a structured way of teaching that will allow children to learn many new things both socially and intellectually. I liked it because I know that I won’t be able to do it for my daughter knowing that my husband and I both work for countless hours. I know that as a mom, it’s my job to teach my daughter the basics, however, I don’t have much time. At east, by sending her to a child care program, I can rest assured knowing that she will learn the things that I can’t teach her. Thank you for sharing. I’ll talk to my husband about this.

    10. Thanks for mentioning how a child care center should be stimulating. I also like how you said that they should have fun things to do as well. My husband and I are looking for a child care center to have our son go to while we are at work.

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