• Little Academy Assessments

    preschool boy writing

    At Little Academy, we take pride in our teaching. We teach our students to the best of our ability and provide them with a solid foundation to build upon throughout their school years. We are able to test their progress through our personalized assessments which test children on colors, letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, counting, sizes, comparisons, and shapes.

    Testing is done multiple times throughout the year. We try to test in August, November, January, March, and May. This allows the teachers to identify any areas for improvement and provides an academic assessment for parents to review.

    Examples of our testing include:

    Counting: Have the student count how many items are in each picture and then have the teacher mark on the assessment sheet if the answer is correct or not.

    counting at preschool


    Sizes: Below are objects placed next to each other. The instructor will ask the student to identify sizes such as short, tall, or long. The instructor will then mark on the assessment sheet whether or not the answer is correct.


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